Our Process

Thanks so much for your persistence, patience, and ingenuity in bringing the IEP process to a successful summit. No IEP process can be as hard as the trail we've been down. We particularly appreciate that you have always been available to us, providing emotional support as well as advice to navigate the special ed system. Of course, the most impressive coup of all was your role as catalyst in his school placement. For all your help, support and presence-thank you.
-- Julie and Rick

The process begins with a phone call with our office manager, Catherine Affolter. Catherine will gather information about your situation and help to set up an initial phone consultation with Deborah. During this phone consultation, Deborah will get more indepth information and it also gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have. There is no charge for this call. If we decide to move forward together we will set up a time to meet in our office.

Before the Intake Meeting

An important part of this process is that we be as organized and up-to-date about your child as possible. To that end, to help you prepare for the Intake Meeting, please print out the intake meeting checklist. It will give you a list of all the records and documents needed for our meeting, and requests that you organize them in a binder to be left with our office.

  • Also needed is a contact list that includes name, address, phone and FAX numbers for all individuals working with, treating, or knowledgeable about your child.

During the Intake Meeting

We will discuss the current situation, review the road you've travelled with your child, identify needs, explore realistic strategies, and develop a plan to obtain appropriate placement and services. This meeting lasts two to three hours.

You will also be requested to:

  • Sign releases for all professionals and individuals involved with your child with whom we may need to speak
  • Sign a Consulting Services Agreement which includes payment for the intake meeting and a retainer.

After the Intake Meeting

We will advocate on your behalf to actually effect change in your child's educational plan or placement.

To get a complete picture of your child, we talk to the school staff, contact the people identified during the intake meeting and observe the child at school. We may also recommend additional assessment or evaluation. We collaborate and consult with you, discuss a range of options and formalize a specific plan.